About Your Girl:

Hello beauties, I’m KyannaSimone, a LGBTQ+ “no label” (one who doesn’t identify under the LGBTQ+ umbrella,) content creator and soon to be world traveler. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but now operate out of the comfort of my apartment in Los Angeles, California. I started using Instagram and YouTube as an outlet to cope with a breakup back in 2017, because of this I started to realized the lack of queer/POC individuals in the digital space and I decided that I needed to be a voice to normalize inclusivity in the communities.


Aside from this, I’ve also explored my hobby of traveling. It’s truly become a passion of mine over the last few months, not for the fact of taking vacations each month, but because I want to explore the world and see it for everything it has to offer. Even though I’ve only traveled domestically as of recent, I plan on seeing the world plane ticket, by plane ticket. 


My goal is to provide a space to showcase individuality, freedom and creativity to those who believe a lifestyle such as this is impossible for them, to be a positive voice in the LGBTQ+ community and an explorer, for learning and experiencing this thing called life. 


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