Baltimore, MD Pride (June 15, 2019)

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

The third stop on my pride tour was Baltimore, Maryland. A smaller town, but makes up the heart of Maryland and the vibe of the people, infectious.

Baltimore, only a 40 minute drive (bus ride) from D.C., was close and assessable for me to get to, in order to experience another week of pride fill adventures, while keeping this all in budget. (Because let’s face it, pride does get expensive and traveling every weekend for an adventure is also costly.

Getting the start of the parade was no easy fret, since getting off the bus in downtown, the start of the parade was a little further out than expected, so I grabbed an uber. and stumbled across “Graffiti Alley.” Which would later become the home of the “Lez Lot,” one the parade ended.

Since the I was also marching in this parade, my friends and I walked to the start of the parade, which was another 15 minutes or so from the Lez Lot. Once there, you were able to see all floats, groups and performers for the parade.

The march started from different directions, a main exit and then a side exit as well, flooding the gates of the parade for onlookers to spectate and celebrate one another. However, the parade itself however was slow starting, slow walking and because it was the dead heat of summer and noon, it was hot and almost unbearable.

Walking the parade was fun, but challenging. Usually because one can feed off the energy of the crowd, however the crowd was different, seemed a bit tired, or possible hot. Yes, they were still enjoying themselves, but it also felt, tight. No space for people to dance around or move, just onlookers, looking and marchers, marching.

Once the parade was over, we headed over to the Lez Lot, played some games, met some wonderful people, got some food, and headed back home.

Baltimore pride, though infectious, a city that was well organized and not as celebratory as what I or some of us are used to, so be ready for that kind of energy if that’s your vibe.

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