Interview: Alesha Greene, Her Sexuality and Finding God.

Hi everyone, welcome to another feature. If you're here, you're reading Alesha Greene's story between the LGBTQ+ community and finding God. I loved getting to know more about her and her journey, so please enjoy and if you're interested, follow her here: @ChuckArizonaHD

1. Please introduce yourself, how you identify and what are your pronouns.

Hey everybody! My name is Alesha Greene, and I identify as a child of God. My pronouns are all-female ones, lol.

2. What was it like coming out to your family/friends?

I only “came out” to my mom and my dad, everyone else either caught it or they missed it. Either way, that was on them! Coming out to my mom as I remember it was fairly easy. This was circa 2008 and I thought I was bisexual since I had just recently started entertaining girls romantically. I told her I didn’t know if I was gay or bi, but I knew I liked girls. She told me she loved me no matter what, but then she began crying! Naturally, I asked her why she cried and she said she was upset because she wouldn’t have any grandchildren (lol). I assured her this was not the case and that I fully intended on having kids. Years later on Thanksgiving of 2014, I came out to my dad. I wanted to tell him at that time because I believed that the present relationship would be my last. I remember it feeling very different from when I came out to my mom. I think it was because she and I had a closer relationship at the time, so it wasn’t such a big deal telling her. But telling my dad felt like coming out of the closet. It turned out to be a really beautiful moment though! He reassured me that he loved me and only wanted me to be happy and to make wise decisions. Also, he said he already knew lol.

3. As a woman who has found Christ, what struggles have you faced with your sexuality and how has it affected your overall way of thinking about your sexuality?

This topic is by far one of the most humbling, maturing, and solidifying parts of my faith journey. I must start by mentioning that the understanding and revelation of one’s sexuality and how it pertains to their relationship with Christ will vary from person to person and that no one should form their expectations based on someone else’s experience. Unfortunately, though, that is exactly what I did and it led me to a mental space I never wanted to be in. God being God used what I thought was a terrible experience, and made it into an ultimately transformative one for my good!

Now I can share this and hopefully help someone else. I was consumed by my sexuality. The things I did, the clothes I wore, the way I walked, the way I talked, and the way I interacted with others would filter through my identity as a lesbian. My sexuality was an obsession that I couldn’t recognize. I was still that emotionally/sexually abused child, only knowing what I had been taught. Only up until it sunk in that there was much more to me than sexuality. Once I began finding my identity as a child of God, the veil was lifted and my eyes were opened!

4. Do you feel like a person has to choose Christ over their sexuality, why or why not?

I don’t believe that at all. Christ came so that we could live in complete and total freedom. In my opinion, the only choice to be made is whether you want to continue to live with self-inflicted guilt and shame or choose to live in freedom knowing that Jesus loves you entirely just as you are. God is love and He gives Himself freely. I don’t think people truly realize that loving you was a choice God made at the beginning of time, long before we ever walked this Earth! I truly believe as a person gets to know who Jesus is for themselves, they will begin to understand. Faith is a journey, from a certain level of understanding to greater understandings.

5. Before finding Christ, how would you describe your life, do you feel as if your life was in chaos?

My life before Jesus always brings me into this stirring time of reflection. My life was never in chaos, so I think it’s more appropriate for me to describe my life after meeting Him for a second time. Now, I see life with renewed vision. I accept challenges as opportunities to grow, trials as opportunities to lean on my Heavenly Father for comfort and strength, and personal struggles as opportunities to trust in His sovereignty over all things and His timing. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, nothing in this world could ever defeat me, because I have Jesus. There are no words that anyone could utter to discourage me, because I already know the truth, from the Creator Himself. Nothing in all existence supersedes Jesus! He is what gives me peace that surpasses all comprehension.

6. Is there anything you want to tell anyone religious that might be struggling with their sexuality?

First and foremost, flee religion and enter into a relationship with God! The notion of religion causes people to believe that unless you act like a perfect person, follow a set of rules, and participate in religious activities, then you aren’t worthy, or “religious”. Conversely, having a personal relationship with Christ eliminates religion! It’s talking to Him and allowing Him to speak to you, trusting His word, spending quality time with Him, and getting to know Him! Religion is based on what you do, the relationship is based on who He is. Secondly, sexuality should never be the center of attention; there are incredibly more important things to be concerned with. The world thrives on and emphasizes sex. No wonder why “sex sells”. It's deceiving and misleads humans from the truth of what matters in life. I could have an entire talk about that subject on its own. My advice to anyone struggling with their sexuality is to LET GO of your sexuality, and REACH OUT to God! Let Him tell you who you are.

7. Any final thoughts?

There is a smoldering passion in my spirit to share the good news with everyone who wants to know! The fire in me was ignited by the Holy Spirit and He is here waiting for anyone who wants to welcome Him in their life! It doesn’t matter what you’ve ever done or said. Scripture says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” That’s a straight promise from God! You don’t need to wait until you’re ready or have it all together. You can ask Jesus to come into your life this very moment and He will instantly! I encourage you, whoever and wherever you are, seek God. You’ll begin to see that He has been right here the whole time.

Thank you so much Alesha for sharing your story and talking about your journey with us. Again, please check out Alesha on Instagram at @ChuckArizonaHD

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