NYC World Pride (June 30, 2019)

NEW YORK CITY, the final pride I’ve been to in the month June, to close out pride month. WORLD PRIDE BABY!

The biggest pride event of the year, since it was the 50th year of the Stonewall riots, everyone and their mother was in New York City and every party or event was happening all around the city and honestly, it felt like if you weren’t at every event at once, it was a big case of FOMO. (Fear of Missing Out.)

As soon as I got off the bus in New York, I headed straight to my grandmother's house, took a shower, got dressed and headed to a pride-themed party in the city. There I met up with more Instagram influencers such as (@27Travels @BurritoandTortilla @Hersandhers_ and @Megcale)

The next day, I didn’t do much of anything until the evening, aka another party, this time I partied with @camislove44. Again, another great night of partying, having fun and meeting more influencers throughout the evening.

At noon, the next day, it was time to meet up and head to the parade. To NY WORLD PRIDE! I met up with @27Travels, @BurritoandTortilla, @LezSeeTheWorld @TheCholeBeth & @JodieGordonMedia, and some other amazing people.

Because it was world pride, the street was at least 10 times more packed and filled with people than any other year. Blocks and blocks of roads were blocked off for the parade, more than before. There were different roads for the parade/floats to enter the route and also, because of this the parade went on for hours, simply because of the number of participants in this year's march.

NYC, in general, will always have the big party feel to it. Whenever I’m in NYC, I know that I will always be surrounded by people who slightly understand what I am feeling, who may have the same background as me, and will truly understand that how it feels to be apart of the LGBTQ community.

We decided to find a spot by NYU and after watching float after float goes by, dancing, singing, chatting and all-around having a good time and getting to know my new found friends while truly making connections with new people.

After watching the parade for a couple of hours, we grabbed some food and headed to the legendary lesbian Henrietta Hudson, the bar in all of NYC. We partied, danced the night away, or at least until we decided it was time to go, and then we parted ways.

Overall, NYC pride will forever be the best and most eventful pride to attend. There will forever be something to do, even if you’re not a big fan of attending the parade, there’s always a bar, party or day event you can attend, so you’re not missing out on the pride festivities.

Highly recommend attending NYC pride in 2020.

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