Pride Parade Itinerary, 2019.

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Last year 2018, I decided that I wanted to travel more and pull off something I’ve never done before, attend multiple pride parades/events in 2019 in as many cities as I possibly can. I did D.C. and NYC in 2018 and from both of those experiences I knew I needed to take the celebrations to the next level.

Because I wanted to combine my new found love for travel and my continuing partying habits afloat, I decided that I would take a tour of the United States and some neighboring countries, and try to attend as many events as possible starting in the month of June and going throughout the rest of the year and hopefully I can meet some amazing people along the way.

Here’s the tentative schedule: Please come back to check to see where I’ve been and where I didn’t go. Also, I will be adding more to the list as the year goes on.

June 2nd: Asbury Park, New Jersey (Didn't attend)

June 8th and 9th: Washington, D.C. (Attended)

June 15th and 16th: Baltimore, Maryland (Attended)

June 23rd: Toronto, Canada (Attended)

June 30th: New York, New York (WORLD PRIDE BABY!) (Attended)

July 13th and 14th: San Diego, California (Didn't Attend)

August 24th: Jersey City, New Jersey (Didn't Attend)

October 11th - 13th: Atlanta, Georgia

Keep up with me on Instagram (TheKyannaSimone) as I embark on this journey. Hopefully I can do this again next year, and hopefully I’ll be seeing you along the way.

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