Queens, NY Pride (June 2, 2019)

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

If you’re looking for a pride event to attend, that’s in New York City and it’s not as big as NYC Pride then Queens pride just might be the event for you. 

As pride month began on June 1st, I set out to attend as many pride events as possible in the year 2019. Queens pride was first up on the list and it was a vibe unlike no other, a familiar family function, almost like a cookout or a block party that you can bring all of your friends to, while being able to see the parade, performances, and also purchasing food, drinks, clothing, jewelry and more.

I, myself hadn’t been to Queens pride before and I was almost taken aback by the relaxed nature that was pride. I was meeting a friend there, so for the first part of the parade I was alone and I didn’t just want to wait around, so I walked through the parade grounds.

When entering, its almost a farmers markers set up, with vendors looking to sell you any and everything, which goes on for about three of four blocks, however, if you decided to make turn in the middle of the vendors, you’ll come across foods trucks of hot dogs, tacos, lamb over rice and smoothies. A mix and blend of all cultures.

I accidentally walked to through the food trucks which the end of the parade, so you might want to walk up slightly, just to catch the floats, marchers and performers come through the parade route.

Afterward, I met up with my friend, and we walked back down through the food trucks and straight towards the main performance stage, (by the way, there were two!) Everything from singers, dancers, poets, and steppers performed and one by one they poured their hearts out on the stage, speaking about their love for the LGBTQ+ community or their experiences within the community. 

How to wrap up Queens pride? Think of it as a place when you can call home when you’re with brothers, sisters, and cousins celebrating the best parts of yourself while eating homemade food and feeling the sense of love throughout your bones. That’s the energy that is queens pride.

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