Toronto, Canada Pride (June 23, 2019)

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Toronto, Canada. top number four on the pride tour. And my first international city I’ve visited since starting this journey. 

Since I’ve never been to Canada before, I treated this trip as a pride tour and as a place to add to my travel docket. Toronto, Canada, the place where my idol, Lilly Singh from, I couldn’t have been more excited to enter a city.

Now, I could have taken a quick flight to and back from the city, but of course, I didn’t do that and I decided to take a 14-hour bus ride to and from Toronto, which is severally cheaper, ($25/each way) than taking the plane.

As soon as I hopped off the bus, I found this beautiful mural on the side of the bus terminal, after that, I ended up walking to Tim Hortons (Timmy’s) to grab some breakfast, which if you ask me, it reminded me of slightly fancier Starbucks. 

After having breakfast and walking around the city all day, I met up with some Instagram influencers, (TheWatsonWives and SaraAndKateDate) to go to Toronto Pride with and the energy of pride was one to die for.

First, I’ve never been to pride and see so many naked men and women in my life. I wasn’t uncomfortable, but just in shock, because in the U.S., that’s not a thing, but full-on nudity, is, in the country of Canada.

Before going to the parade, there was a street festival where you can go and purchase food, pins, clothing and other items, just like most festivals/parades have. The festival was also located on a street where other vendors were selling pride-themed items, snacks and giving away the chance to win a trip to Montreal World Pride in 2023.

Toronto Pride, one word, civilized. Honestly, it was the most civilized pride event I’ve been to. Not chaotic, but very orderly. People knew where to stand, when to cheer, when to clap, when to dance, etc. it didn’t seem as if, people were waiting for set queues to move and feel alive.

As we were standing to wait for floats and performers to go by, it started to get hotter and hotter with each passing minute. There was less and less shade to conceal yourself and being packed on a tight street with other hot bodies was becoming real problematic, real fast and because of that, we moved out of the sun and decided to ditch the rest of the parade.

A little while after, when everyone left and I was just left to wonder, I did come across the parade route again, one next to a train station in a different area, which felt lively as well as the end of the parade route, which I happened to bump into, and the most shaded. I partied with some of the women for a little bit and then headed back to the bus terminal and awaited the journey for the now 16 bus ride back home to D.C.

If you’re into a pride event, that’s electric but laid back and very civil, Toronto pride is the one for you. Worth the bus ride and the price of course, but also, if you buy the plane tickets early enough, you can get it for a relatively cheap price.

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