Washington, D.C. Pride (June 8, 2019)

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

The second stop, D.C. pride, the one that takes the cake, just not in comparison to New York. However, a very vibrant, festive and energetic city that takes over the downtown areas of District of Columbia.

Since the parade is right in the heart of the city, it’s very easy to get to by subway/metro and honestly, that’s probably the best option for you. Take the Red Line down to Dupont Circle and you’ll be right at the parade start.

The start of the parade is where you get a chance to see all of the floats pass by, this is also the starting point if you were marching with a company (which this parade I did march with the grocery store Giant,) or just meeting up with friends.

Since I was marching with Giant, is customary to obtain a shirt from the company, just to be in unison with the entire group, from there it’s just a waiting game until kickoff, which was at 4:30. Also later in the day than most pride parades. 

Since the parade was later in the day, the temperature wasn’t unbearable, just cool enough to enjoy but of course warm enough for shorts and a light shirt, or practically whatever you feel comfortable in. 

If you’ve never marched in a pride parade before, let me tell you its the more exhilarating feeling ever. Everyone in the parade and on the sidelines is there, for one thing, to celebrate ourselves in a manner which we couldn’t do 50 years ago. So to have people cheering, yelling clapping and euphoric all in one setting is amazing.

During this event, the Giant crew and I were in charge of handing out waters and granolas to onlookers, to avoid dehydration and starvation, since there’s nothing to eat throughout the parade out. However, you’ll find food and restaurants at the end of the parade.

Aside from marching throughout the parade, for as many years as I’ve been attending pride and having attending D.C. pride twice, it has to be one of my favorites, if not my favorite pride. There’s so much of a community feel and a BIG party feels to the scene that you honestly get the best of both worlds.

I definitely would say that D.C. is on the list of pride events to attend in your lifetime, so much culture, fun and it's a different vibe since the parade does start later in the day. Please check it out and of course, let me know if you attend.

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